Gift Cards Rates

Gift Cards Rates For Naira

Amazon, Itunes, Walmart, Ebay, Steam, HomeDepot, Vanilla Gift Cards to Naira Rates ?
$100 25000 naira
$200 50000 naira
$300 75000 naira
$400 100 000 naira
$500 125 000naira
$800 200 000 naira
$ 1000 250 000 naira

Do you accept Ecodes?

Amazon ecodes no we dont buy it. other all we accept

What is maximum limit for buy bitcoin or alt coins?
we accept 10k gift cards
When i will receive my bitcoin after apply my gift cards?
10 mins- to 25 mins
How i can to be sure that i will receive my bitcoin?
We are registered company, just last year we exchange 45 000 gift cards
What is minimum payout amount?
you need apply minimum $100 gift card for receive money
Do you accept single $200 itunes gift cards?
Yes We accept it
 Why Paypal payment disabled? 
Paypal not supported trade with any crypo money. its Risk for seller and buyer account, paypal may close both account.
Why you acept only gift cards? not credit card.
Now exchange gift card to bitcoin is most popular and safe method. Today all exchange websites accept gift cards as payment.
Can i buy bitcoin  more than $100?
 Yes, sure  you can apply more than one gift cards code for exchange, and we will calculate your bitcoin and will pay for it.
Last Updated: 30.04.2020